Gabriel Chavez born 1933 

Lives and works from Ventura, CA.  

Artist's Statement

People have always been the subject of my work, and offer me a way of both expressing and relating. I am interested in the ways people express themselves. In the subjects I choose, I like to capture them honestly. The ripeness of human experience settles on the emotions, and we are all dealing with the big things like sadness, love, and a striving towards joy.  Creativity captivates me to a large degree, because it entails the progress of ideas, and ultimately the translation of those ideas into the medium of pencil and paper. Since these ideas are constantly changing and expanding, so then does my own work. I like to work in series to establish a particular idea that fascinates me at the moment; however, I do not like to separate the work into separate series, since they all relate, and each one influences the next. Fashion, identity, and metaphysics are some ideas explored behind my works. 

---Gabriel Chavez


Associate of Science 

South Lake Tahoe, CA. 


Group Exhibitions


2016                           Lake Tahoe Community College Student                                                          Art Exhibition, South Lake Tahoe, CA


2012                           Massasoit Student Art Show, Massasoit                                                          Community College, Canton, MA


2011 & 2008               Festival of the Arts, North River Arts                                                                Society, Marshfield, MA


2011-2007                   Marshfield High Student Art Show,                                                                   Marshfield MA


2010                            Annual Winter Juried Show, The Art                                                                 Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA